Rate of Fire (or ROF) is how many rounds a firearm can fire within a set amount of time (usually measured in rounds per minute).

  • For weapons with an automatic firing mode, ROF depends on the gas system and ammunition used. The FAMAS has a faster firing rate than the AK-47 because the two are different in both the system and cartridge.
  • For weapons with a semi-automatic mode, ROF depends on how fast the game would allow players to click their mouse button (the fire button). For example, the G23, when clicking the mouse rapidly, would shoot out many more bullets than when using the USP, showing it has a higher ROF. Firing faster than the weapon can may cause the weapon to "jam", temporarily preventing players from firing.
  • For weapons with a bolt-action/pump-action mode, ROF depends on how fast the weapon can cycle after the previous round was fired. For example, the M24's bolt-action is pretty quick, allowing players to zoom in/shoot again faster than the L96A1, for the L96's bolt-action is sluggish and slow compared to the M24.
  • For Melee weapons, ROF depends on how fast the player character can swing their close-range weapon repeatedly. The G.I. Shovel's secondary, "Left-to-Right Swing" is pretty slow, so it would take a while to attack again. Meanwhile, the Sickle's secondary, "Lunge Stab" attack is faster and allows the player to attack again without longer waiting. In general the longer the reach the weapon has the slower the weapon and the higher the damage it deals per hit.

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