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The imposing head gear of the South Korean (ROK) Marines.
  — The Arsenal 

The ROKMC Hat is a Cosmetic Variant of the Black Beret, which can be bought through the Black Market.


The ROKMC hat is "the imposing head gear of the South Korean (ROK) Marines."

Like the Beret, this head gear allows 20% more Stamina to the player wearing it. The Black Beret is more widely used than the ROKMC hat, so it is rarely seen. A player wearing this item values style over performance, considering that this costs twice the price of other NX gear (Ballistic Helmet , Force Recon Helmet , etc.), while its GP variant is available at CSM 1 for only 300 GP.


  • ROKMC stands for Republic Of Korea (South Korea) Marine Corps, however the ROK Marines do not wear a red 8-point cap. Nexon has never provided an explanation as to why this is labeled as such.

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