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To keep up with the ever changing nature of the battlefield, the R870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun) strives to offer mercenaries a shotgun to meet any needs. The R870 MCS offers great stopping power in combination with a light weight construction.
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The R870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun) is an NX variant of the R870. It has been given a notable increase in firepower, along with a new black color and extra portability. Much like its predecessors, it is a pump-action shotgun.

Its form and shape are different. Instead of having a classic sporting grip style holding the stock, there is now a pistol grip that increases stability. It has the same damage increase as the R870 SE.




  • The R870 MCS has nearly identical stats to the M4 Super 90, except with 6 points lower fire rate, more total ammo, under half as much spread, and a significantly slower reloading speed.
  • The R870 MCS is closer to the M3 Super 90 in terms of appearance and action. The MCS and M3 both are pump-actions shotguns with pistol grips, and their stats are nearly identical. This R870 has lower recoil than the M3.
  • For some odd reason, this shotgun ejects 2 shells after firing one shot. The first shell is ejected shorty after the shot is fired. The second shell is ejected when the player pumps the weapon. This could simply be an animation oversight by Nexon


  • The drawing animation of the R870 MCS.
  • The firing animation of the R870 MCS.
  • The reloading animation of the R870 MCS.
  • The sprinting animation of the R870 MCS.