This pump action, short range shotgun has a wide blast radius for incomparable stopping power in close-quarters combat.
  — The Arsenal 

The Remington 870 is a GP-Standard pump-action shotgun. It is the most inexpensive shotgun available in the Shop, costing only 600 GP a day. It is also the cheapest Primary Weapon.


The R870 has a wide spread of fire (making it work better at really close range) but is no longer the fastest firing pump action shotgun. The one thing that might seem to ruin the weapon is the horribly long reload rate, but this may be overlooked because one can shoot while reloading.

The weapon formerly had no popularity because the M590 Military had more damage per shot. After the 4-29-09 Patch, the Military's firepower was lowered to be as par as the R870, but the rate of fire was raised to make up for the GP difference.

After a series of further patches, the M590's firepower was greatly lowered (to the point of being weaker than the R870) and made a rank-restricted item. During that time, the R870 gained much more popularity. Some players even started complaining that the R870 was now overpowering its more expensive competitor, though the reload rate and spread of fire which was maintaining its balancing was noted. Even higher ranking players began ditching the reliable M590 Military for this shotgun, especially after the last patch lowered the M590's standard magazine to 6, while the R870 kept its 7-round magazine.

The R870 is now one of the most used Shotguns in Combat Arms, and its variants such as the R870 MCS are also greatly used since they improve on the R870's downfalls.



  • This weapon has been offered for Permanent duration during the following events:
    • During the Black Friday 2011 sale for 60,000 GP.
    • During the One Day Sale on August 13, 2013 for 90,000 GP.
    • During the Fifth Anniversary of Combat Arms Europe on January 15, 2014 for 80,000 GP as part of a Limited Sale (Only a total of 5.000 were available).
  • It was sold for permanent duration on Combat Arms Brazil 4th Anniversary between 09/11/2014 and 09/17/2014 for 70,000 GP.
  • It was sold for permanant duration during Black Friday 2014 for 63,384 GP.


  • The R870 is the first ever GP shotgun sold for permanent duration.


  • The drawing animation of the R870.
  • The firing animation of the R870.
  • The reloading animation of the R870.
  • The sprinting animation of the R870.

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