Profanity is the assortment of words/phrases said or typed to express one's frustration, annoyance, or used to insult. These words are often inappropriate for younger players of Combat Arms and therefore Nexon added a filter to prevent one from seeing/learning such words to use in the outside world, although, one should note that the player has the option of turning this filter off.

A lot of words that are seemingly profanity in Combat Arms are filtered into two Asterisks (**), and even parts of words (because that part can be used as a whole word and its definition is considered bad) are considered bad, like "nip" in "Sniper" and "rot" in "Brother", so they look like "s**er" and "b**her". Sometimes they filter words that are not offensive in the English language like rot, because it censors other languages vulgar also. However, people bypass this by placing spaces, dashes, etc. in the middle of the word.

There is also censored profanity used by the characters themselves. When a player is shot by their own teammate, they will say "Watch your shot, f*bleep*ck," or for females says "Watch your shot, a*bleep*hole!" Also, in the voice commands, when saying, "I don't want to die!", males say, " F*bleep*, I don't wanna die!" while females say "Oh s*bleep*, I don't wanna die!".

However, with the dawn of voice chatting, one cannot possibly filter as much profanity as before. Therefore, it is recommended that younger players keep voice chat (f8) turned off their voice chat when engaged in crowded/rough combat as it is by default off. 

Funnily enough, regardless of the setting of the curse filter, Profanity is disabled in Clan Chat, both in battle and in the lobby.

Profanity can't be blocked on Combat Arms' Vivox Voice chat, except, of course, by turning it off or leaving it off.

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