The Practice Round is a short period of time given to all players who have successfully loaded their match in a matter of one to around ten seconds. Note that practice rounds only occur in Spy Hunt, QuarantineClan Wars, and VIP Escort .

During this period of time, all players are able to roam around the map freely. If it is in Elimination matches, each team can kill each other, but it will not count. Any deaths, kills, mission completions, etc. will not be counted. This period of time is short; about 5-15 seconds in length before the real game starts.

Practice Rounds are made specifically to allow slower-speed computers to catch up and finish loading. However, the game wouldn't recognize any of the very slow computers/laptops that don't have the minimum requirements Combat Arms need to run normally. For these computers, they load way past the normal 20-seconds-maximum loading speed and bypass the practice round.


  • The user interface in the beginning of the practice round was added as "Preparing for round" during a patch in February 2014.

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