Portability indicates an item's weight and mass, and how difficult it is to carry it around.

The higher the portability value, the lighter the weapon, allowing you to utilize more speed and sprint energy without being dragged down by your heavy weapon. Conversely, the lower the portability, the more energy you waste and the slower you are overall.


Non-primary weapons, such as knives, pistols, and grenades are usually the among the lightest weapons due to their high portability. Light primary weapons, such as the UZI or FAMAS, also have more portability than most weapons, making the battlefield easier to navigate by allowing you to move faster and sprint longer.

Weapons with low portability, including Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles, burden the player and restrict them from moving at full speed. In the end, the player moves slower and uses up more sprint stamina for even less of a distance.

Unfortunately, portability and power are often inversely proportional to each other as weapons with high power are often low in portability, and vice-versa.


  • Most  Shotguns have the same portability (Excluding the AA-12), even though some may look heavier/lighter than the other.
  • All Pistols also have the same portability of 90 (except for Desert Eagle variants, Anaconda variants, Civil War Pistols, The Golden Gun and the Bushmaster Type 97.)
  • You don't actually use up more stamina when you sprint with a heavy weapon; you use the same amount, but the end result is much less since you move so slowly. So basically, you still sprint like you normally would, but you're dragged down too much for it to make a difference.

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