This item allows you to reset your record for Kills and Deaths (resets K/D Ratio). No other statistics on your player profile, such as Rank, EXP or Weapon Usage Accuracy, are affected.
  — Item Description 

Player Record Set is a NX function item item that allows the player to reset their total (current) kills, deaths, and headshot counts. The Player Record Set can be bought, once at a time, in the Black Market for 12,900 NX.


The Player Record Reset is an item that, when used, resets all of the player's deaths, kills, and headshots statistics. After this item is used, the all of the player's kills/deaths/headshots would be reset to zero, and their KDR would automatically change to a 1.00. This change would be made to the player's Character Information, and Player Profile (found on the Combat Arms' Website).

No other statistics (i.e. Rank and EXP) will be affected. So any other types of achievements (Infected kills, NPC kills, Super Spy Kills, Flag Captures, Bomb Defusions, any Fireteam records, etc.) will be left untouched.

Players are to be aware of all of this before using the reset. Because once the reset is used, the change cannot be reverted.