Allows you to change the display color of your name in the lobby, game room, and during chat.
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The Player Name Color Change is a special NX item that allows the player to change the display color of their in-game name. The changes will appear in the lobby, in-between chats, in megaphones, and in-game.

This unique item changes the player's name into a different color (only one) of their choice. There are a total of 16 different colors for the player to choose from through this item. As such, the Player Name Color Change is a popular item as it makes the user stand out from the crowd. A major disadvantage of this item, is that, like its clan item counterpart, it must be bought continuously to retain the unique color (though players can decide to change it when they're buying a new Color Change).



  • Players were able to obtain this item for permanent from the Black Hi-Sec Case (removed), though the chances were slim.
  • On the November 5-Shot Event, this item was one of the rewards available for players to obtain
  • If a player completed 10 matches of Capture the Flag during the 150k Facebook Fans bonus weekend event(9/3/10-9/6-/10), he/she would've received a free 1-day Player Name Color Change.
  • Very minor bug with the permanent Player Name Color Change: Activating a non-permanent one replaced the permanent one, which happened during a CTF event to a few people.
  • It could have been purchased between the week of May 26 at 4:00 PM to May 31 2011 at 11:00 AM (Pacific) for 99 NX for 1 day.
  • It was once sold as a permanent item on Combat Arms North America.
  • It was sold for 7 days on May 31st, 2013 as part of the One Day Sale with a price tag of 700 NX.



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