This item allows you to permanently change your character name.
  — Item description 

Player Name Change is a NX function item that allows players to change their in-game name permanently. It is available for purchase in the Black Market for 9,900 NX.


The Player Name Change is a special item that lets players change their in-game name without making another account. It is a one-time use only item. Once used, the player's in-game name will have permanently changed to the designated new one. There is no significant change after using the item, except having the new name replaced the previous one. You will keep all statistics/medals/achivements. The name change would take effect in clans, messengers, and wherever the old name appeared.

Note:The previous name will not be available if the player desires to revert back to their former name.


  • It is possible to include symbols in your in game name using the Player Name Change function item. The method involves spamming the server with name requests, basically causing an overload.
  • Another method involved disconnecting the internet and choosing the desired name and reconnecting. Both methods would allow symbols such as: @, #, ! to be in the players name. Game moderators who saw such names would issue 7 day bans, with requests from players for a temporary unban to change their name to normal characters again.


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