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First General Of The Army, kills with AK-47 and AK-47 Gold-Plated.


General of the Army

Kill Death Ratio



Began Playing

Open Beta


Dental laboratory technician



Personal Information
Favorite Weapons

AK-47, AK-47 Gold-Plated, M4A1 CQBR, G36KE, PP-19, UMP, SCAR-L Black

Favorite Maps

Junk Flea - 39%,
Desert Thunder - 37%,
Black Lung - 7%,
Cabin Fever - 6%
Death Room - 1%

Favorite Game Modes

Fireteam - 57%,
One Man Army - 39%,
Elimination - 2%

Greatfullded, known as GFD, was the first person to reach the rank of General of the Army—the highest rank in Combat Arms at the time.


ForteFZ interviewed GFD after he reached General, which was released on April 15, 2010.[1]

ForteFz also interviewed GFD after he reached the General of the Army, which was released on December 31, 2010.[2]

Ranking Milestones

Rank Achieved Exp Gain Avg. Exp / Day
Ico rank17 Brigadier General April 18, 2010 380,000   N/A  
Ico rank18 Major General May 23, 2010 400,000 11.1k
Ico rank19 Lieutenant General June 27, 2010 500,000 13.9k
Ico rank20 General August 29, 2010 800,000 12.5k
Ico rank21 General of the Army December 19, 2010 1,200,000 10.7k

In-Game Life

Greatfullded frequently plays One Man Army in Junk Flea. With the AK-47 alone, he has amassed more than 200,000 kills. Other weapons he is known for using are the UMP, PP-19, SCAR-L Black, and M4A1 CQBR.

Greatfullded also has a preference for Fireteam, including Cabin Fever, Desert Thunder, and Dead Water. He stated that an excessive amount of OPK at one point led him to prefer NPC enemies. He currently uses a Permanent M4A1 CQBR and G36KE (that he opened from Black HiSec Cases) as his primary weapons, as well as the MK.48 MOD 0 for Cabin Fever.

When Greatfullded was about 120 EXP away from becoming General of the Army, he amused himself by keeping the community waiting and refusing to rank up for an extended period of time. His stated intention was to rank up on New Year's Day, but he accidentally ranked up anyway on December 19th, 2010.

He is an administrator of his signature clan, the WestCoastKillers.


  • He was the first Hall of Famer to be dishonrably discharged on March 13. He was unbanned less than a week later.
  • Every rank after Captain (but before Commander in Chief/I onwards) had first been reached by Greatfullded.
  • He was the first person to clear the General ranks, becoming the first legitimate Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, and General of the Army (in successive order).
  • He is the first person to achieve number 1 status, lose it, and later gain it back.
  • He has the most kills with the AK-47/AK-47 Gold-Plated in the game.



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