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Ping is a feature that was added to the game in the ....


Ping is a type of measurement used in Combat Arms that shows your connection with the Nexon servers, and also how much lag you produce. In other games, such as the Battlefield series, having a low ping is desired. However, ping in Combat Arms is measured differently, with a larger ping being the better option. Ping is measured in the player-coined term "bars." All players' pings are found next to their names when opening the scoreboard (by pressing TAB) during a game match.

Ping Ratings

Ping Description
0 bars (shows a red rectangle with a diagonal cross) = Lost connection with Combat Arms server
1 bar = Extreme Lag
2 bars = Average Connection, Minor Lag
3 bars = Good Connection
4 bars = Excellent Connection

How to reduce your Ping

Please note that these steps are about how to reduce internet latency on Combat Arms, not system latency. For steps on fixing it, see the guide on reduction of Combat Arms lag. Minimise all network activity on your network and on your computer. If you don't need to use Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Skype, Xfire or other such programs, don't. As well as reducing lag, this will also reduce bandwidth usage, for those on cap plans.

Nexon has a program called 'Pando Media Booster." Uninstall it, as it uses lots of bandwidth. More info on it can be found in the link above.


  • People playing in New Zealand and Australia usually have a maximum of 2 bars of ping


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