A mask that protects the face and prevents exposure. Its design features the national flag of (insert country here)
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The Patriot Skull Masks are special cosmetic variants of Skull Masks. Nexon created them in order to celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Each mask, like the Patriot Caps, represents a country. Only countries participating in the World Cup are represented.

There are five masks available for purchase in the Black Market. These represent Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and Ukraine.

These masks are more popular than the regular Skull Masks. The Patriot mask provides headshot, stamina and speed boosts, while the Skull Mask only provides headshot protection. Both masks cost the same.



  • The Australian Patriot Skull Mask was given for 7 days for logging in during the Australia Day login event, on the 26th of January 2012.
  • During the Patriot Skull Mask Sale, all Patriot Skull Masks cost 49 NX a day and new countries were introduced.
  • The Patriot Skull Masks was sold for 99 NX for 7 days from February 7th, 2014 at 10:30 AM PST to February 10th, 2014 at 10:30 AM PST during the The Winter Games (2014) event.
  • The Patriot Skull Mask (MEX) was on sale during the Cinco De Mayo Event (2015) from April 29th, 2015 to May 5th, 2015.
    • It was also given to players who logged in on May 5th, 2015 for 1 day duration.


  • There are several flags omitted from the collection, notably those countries in Africa, Japan and North Korea
  • The Patriot Skull Mask (CAN) was released on the 10/19/2010 update. This is the first one released after the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • North Korea is not part of the collection.
  • As of 10/19/2010 all of the Patriot Skull Masks except for Austrailia, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Canada were removed from the Arsenal Page. These are the countries which are supported by Nexon America.
  • The Patriot Skull Mask (USA) was available for permanent duration in the Uncle Sam Perm Pack.
    • The Patriot Skull Mask (USA) was also the first ever Skull Mask purchasable for permanent duration.
  • In Combat Arms Brazil, the Patriot Skull Mask are release only durant 2014 World Cup.


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