Show some national pride with this lightweight cap! It doesn't weigh you down and boosts morale.
  — The Arsenal 

Patriot Caps are head items added into the game during the 2-04-09 Patch. Adding +2% to player speed, the Cap is a green cap, structured similarly to the 7-11 Cap, that has a particular nation's flag on it. All the nations able to play Combat Arms have their own cap.

The nations with caps in Combat Arms North America are:

  • The United States
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Brazil

Combat Arms EU has similar items, but with European countries. They include:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Italy



Black Cap
Professional Cap
Veteran Cap
Elite Cap
Champion Cap
GP Standard
Patriot Caps
NX Standard
Patriot Caps
Elite 1st Anniversary Cap (Brazil)
Soccer Cap
Boné Oficial CA F.C.
Level Up! Games 9 Years Cap
BGL's Black Cap
BlockParty Cap
7-11 Cap
First Anniversary Cap
1st Anniversary Cap (Brazil)
3rd Anniversary Cap
Elite 3rd Anniversary Cap
Fourth Anniversary Cap
Elite Fourth Anniversary Cap
5th Anniversary Cap
Elite 5th Anniversary Cap


  • The Turkish Patriot Cap costs 500/600/1000 NX for 7/30/90 Days more than the other Caps. <<< Not true anymore.
  • The Australian Patriot Cap was given for 7 days for logging in during the Australia Day log in event, on the 26th of January 2012.
  • In Combat Arms Brazil, the Patriot Caps are not release yet.


Includes images of most/all of the Patriot Caps in both English versions of the game.

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