The original model of the MSG-90, this precision sharpshooter rifle delivers both high accuracy and damage. Its semi-automatic fire capability is worth its heavier frame and shorter range.
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The Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is an automatic Sniper Rifle added in the 4-29-09 Patch. This rifle is the police version of the MSG-90, the MSG-90 being the military version.


The PSG-1 is a automatic Sniper Rifle. It has higher power and lower recoil than the Dragunov SVD, but with less accuracy and portability. If aimed carefully, it can take down full-health Light Vest wearers in one hit and even Medium Vest wearers from time to time.

The PSG-1 has amazing accuracy, even though it does not look like it statistically. The scope hardly moves when zoomed in, thus allowing a very high chance of hitting an enemy. It boasts a 7 round standard magazine, which is 3 bullets less than that of the 'standard' semi-automatic/automatic Sniper Rifle such as the SR25 or the MSG-90 and 2 bullets more than the standard bolt-action Sniper magazine, such as the standard L96A1 but the same magazine capacity as the M24. Coupled with high damage, and a slightly quicker reload rate, the PSG-1 can be exceedingly deadly. However, drawbacks include having a very slow semi-auto rate compared to the other snipers, and a lower magnification. It has been noted that the PSG-1's scope has a surprisingly low zoom magnification compared to the other rifles, or even the AUG A1 and G36E (which aren't even sniper rifles). Some people think this is a negative feature to it, but this sniper was made for small, dense maps. The magnification is equivalent to that of the M107CQ's first zoom level, causing some players to classify the PSG-1 as a high powered Assault Rifle as opposed to an actual Sniper Rifle.



  • Before the 10-28-09 Patch, this weapon had a 5-bullet magazine.
  • Many people wonder why this weapon has such a low magnification. This is because this rifle is meant to be used by police snipers, which rarely engage targets at the ranges military snipers do, and as such, the scope has lower magnification to fit use in an urban environment.


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