A camouflaged version of the PP-19, modified to enhance power.
  — Weapon Description 

The PP-19 CAMO is the GP Rare variant of the PP-19. Aside from its different color scheme, it has increased firepower making it an even deadlier weapon. The muzzle is shorter than the normal PP-19.

It can be found in Supply Crate MYST-G, Supply Case PP-N (no longer available), Supply Case SMG (no longer available) and Gray Hi-Secs, as well as Black Hi-Secs. It is available for GP purchase at Lieutenant Colonel/V.



  • Drawing animation of the PP-19 CAMO
  • Firing animation of the PP-19 CAMO
  • Reloading animation of the PP-19 CAMO
  • Sprinting animation of the PP-19 CAMO

A PP-19 Camo in WarHead

PP-19 Camo

A PP-19 Camo with Modifications

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