The lightweight PP-19's fast and accurate rate of fire makes it ideal for counter-terrorist operations and close quarter engagements.
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The PP-19 Bizon is a Russian SMG introduced in the 5-27-09 Patch. The PP-19 is often compared to the P90 due to both dealing the same damage and sporting a large magazine. However, it retains a larger magazine, a remarkable 65 rounds compared to the P90's 50 rounds per magazine. It is also one of the fastest reloading guns in the game. It also has a high portability and rate of fire, which is compensated with higher recoil, short range, and an large spread. It is favored by many players due to its ammo capacity and portability.

As such, the PP-19 is one of the most used SMGs in the game. High-ranked players often use it for its high ammo count, as well as it being lighter than most Assault Rifles.




  • Despite its unusual appearance, the PP-19 is actually based off the AK platform, where sixty percent of the PP-19's internal parts were based on the AK-74. But unlike many AK Assault Rifles, it lacks a gas system.
  • When compared side-by-side, the PP-19 and the AK-74U almost resemble each other, having similar shoulder stocks. And much like in reality, the AK-74U also bridges the gap between an Assault Rifle and a Submachine Gun in Combat Arms, albeit with significantly higher recoil balanced by a lower rate of fire. This is strange considering how the AK-74U and the PP-19 are nearly close to having the same rate of fire in real life.
  • The PP-19 features a 65 round helical magazine under the barrel, but the actual PP-19's magazine holds 64 rounds, not 65.
  • The gun sounds has an unusual firing sound, like a metallic whooshing.
  • The light weight of this SMG is extremely unlikely, since the 65 rounds of ammo it holds should make it at least as heavy, if not heavier than a 30-round Assault Rifle.
  • The real name of this weapon is PP-19 Bizon, which is chambered to fire 9mm Makarov ammo.
    • Can also be chambered to fire 9mm NATO ammo from a 53 round magazine.
  • The PP-19 was designed from 1993-1995 and has been in use from 1996 to the present.
  • As of a certain patch, the PP-19 became uncompatible with magazine modifications, as 80 rounds per magazine was considered unbalanced.


  • The drawing animation of the PP-19.
  • The firing animation of the PP-19.
  • The reloading animation of the PP-19.
  • The sprinting animation of the PP-19.