A lightweight gas mask with a sealed filter issued by the Russian Military. Made of rubber, this mask is extremely comfortable to wear, but its design offers limited visual range.
  — Item Description 

The PBF Gas Mask is a Face item added in the 2-25-09 Patch.


It is an small improvement over the MK1 Gas Mask, as the PBF provides the wearer with +42% protection from poison gas which is only 2% higher than then the MK1 Gas Mask.



GP Standard
MK1 Gas Mask
MK3 Gas Mask
PBF Gas Mask
Chemical Gas Mask
NX Standard
Chemical Gas Mask
NX Rare
Reinforced Chemical Gas Mask


  • The PBF Gas Mask is useful in Cabin Fever and Black Lung because it greatly reduces the effects of poison gas boundaries for the wearer.
  • Although the description says it 'offers limited visual range,' wearers will still have a full view of the screen.



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