A highly tuned model of the P90 modified for both increased damage capability as well as faster reloads.
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The P90TR SE is a variant of the P90 family, first released with the 4-29-09 Patch.

It is also obtainable through the Supply Case P90-N and the Supply Crate MYST-N.


The P90TR SE comes with a unique flashy turquoise-blue tiger-stripe camo and, like the original P90TR, has an integrated suppressor and a tri-rail for attaching sights. In addition to higher firepower and the faster reload of the P90 SE, the TR SE features an extra magazine of ammo, increasing the ammo capacity from 50/50 to 50/100. 

Many players compare Viper's P90TR to the P90TR SE. Viper's P90TR has 10 extra rounds per magazine, 2 points more portability and one point more accuracy, while the P90TR SE has 30 more rounds overall (50/100 versus 60/60). Tactically, the P90TR SE would have a slight advantage in combat. Furthermore, the P90TR SE has the ability to be customized in gun emporium, with which the P90TR SE solidifies its place as being the most powerful P90 variant, surpassing even Viper's P90TR.



  • The P90TR SE was a reward during the Blood patch by winning a certain formation of numbers in the 5-Shot and the 5-Shot Returns! events.
  • The P90TR SE was available for permanent duration during One Day Mania, from 3/16/13 to 3/18/13. It was offered at a price of 32,760 NX.
  • The P90TRSE was also available for permanent duration during the second week of the Arms Trafficking sale for the price of 33,900nx.



  • The drawing animation of the P90TR SE.
  • The firing animation of the P90TR SE.
  • The reloading animation of the P90TR SE.
  • The sprinting animation of the P90TR SE.