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A special lamination on the lenses provides a degree of eye protection when faced with intense light, greatly cutting down the glare of certain specialty munitions.
  — The Arsenal 

The Orange Anti-Flash Goggles is a face gear added in the 9/8/2010 mid month supply drop.


The Orange Anti-Flash Goggles are an improvement to the normal Goggles and offer 20% more protection form Flash. This item costs 400 GP a day and is buyable from the regular shop and requires the rank of a Sergeant. While being able to lower the time you are flashed, or even to prevent getting flashed at all when you don't get the full load, which both will make you harder to kill for the person having thrown the flash grenade, this item is quite unpopular. The rank requirement or the price don't give conclusive explanations to this, since they both are quite low. The most coherent way to explain their low popularity is their lack of use in actual gameplay. The flash grenades, which they are made to protect from, are used so rarely, that buying this item is a waste of GP, since they won't come in handy frequently. Also players may consider these goggles as unstylish.