This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

One day sale

It is 24 hours of one explosive deal for soldiers on the move. A new item is featured every Friday and you'll have 24 hours to pounce before it disappears. Of course, items are also limited in quantity, so there's no telling when stock could run out. Get in fast and take advantage of the deal before this Friday's sale disappears!
  — Combat Arms Command 

The One Day Sale, first released on the 09/20/12, is a Sale that features an item for sale every Friday, for 24 hours only. A countdown timer is featured on its online sale page. The items also have a limited stock. When the meter bar reaches 100% claimed, the item on sale is 'out of stock' and will be no longer available for purchase.

Another special feature is the player's UI; It will be changed for every weekly One Day Sale (see Gallery).

The official sales page can be found here.

How to Purchase

On the One Day Sale online page, there was a large yellow button saying "Buy Now". Click "Buy Now” to purchase. Once purchased, the item will be placed in player's in-game Inbox. Don’t forget, the item must be activated if the Player wishes to use it. The duration for the item won't begin counting down until the Player has activated the item.

The items are also limited, so the player can only purchase if the "claimed" bar is under 100%.

The Sales

Note: The dates are in format of MM/DD/YY.

Date Item Duration or Amount Original Price Sale Price
09/21/12 Super Weapon Renewal Kit 1 Use None 1,800 NX
09/28/12 Bonus EXP Pass (100%) 100 Uses None 2,900 NX
10/05/12 Cyclops Bandana 15 Days None 900 NX
10/12/12 AK-103 Gold-Plated 15 Days 5,000 NX 3,900 NX
10/19/12 Skull Mask (Flames) Permanent None 9,900 NX
10/26/12 L96A1 Super-Magnum 90 Days 19,600 NX 11,850 NX
11/02/12 Party Respawn Token 3 Uses None 1,500 NX
11/09/12 Guy Fawkes Mask 1 Day None 99 NX
11/16/12 Bonus EXP Pass (25%) 10 Uses None 79 NX
11/30/12 Tracker Knife Permanent 12,900 NX 6,450 NX
12/07/12 Dom Pedro Sword Permanent 12,900 NX 6,450 NX
12/14/12 First Aid Kit 90 Days 5,200 NX 2,080 NX
12/21/12 Caution Permanent None 900 NX
12/28/12 Captain Souza 7 Days 3,500 NX 1,050 NX
01/04/13 M32 Incendiary Bomb 1 Day 800 NX 320 NX
01/11/13 Transport Locker 1 Use 3,500 NX 1,050 NX
01/18/13 Super Megaphone 5 Uses None 1,100 NX
01/25/13 Respawn Token 5 Uses None 1,040 NX
02/01/13 ParaFAL Permanent 24,900 NX 12,450 NX
02/08/13 Bonus EXP Pass (300%) 50 Uses None 3,100 NX
02/15/13 Tanker Vest 3 Days None 99 NX
02/22/13 AT-22 90 Days 16,900 NX 6,760 NX
03/01/13 Machete Permanent 12,900 NX 6,450 NX
03/6/13 - 03/19/13 One Day Mania
03/22/13 M69HE Frag-NL 30 Days 2,000 NX 1,000 NX
03/29/13 Tracker Knife Permanent 12,900 NX 6,450 NX
04/05/13 April Fools Week
04/12/13 EOD Suit Permanent 10,200 NX 4,080 NX
04/19/13 Devil Mask 1 Day None 99 NX
04/26/13 Flecktarn Camo Permanent 5,940 NX 3,861 NX
05/03/13 Drinking Hat Permanent 5,100 NX 2,550 NX
05/10/13 Bonus EXP Pass (300%) 20 Uses None 1,500 NX
05/17/13 Prankster Bandana 7 Days None 650 NX
05/24/13 Utility Backpack Permanent 12,600 NX 10,080 NX
05/31/13 Player Name Color Change 7 Days 1,400 NX 700 NX
06/07/13 Super Specialist Crate 1 Use 3,000 NX 2,550 NX
06/14/13 Brass Knuckles Permanent 12,900 NX 6,450 NX
06/21/13 St. John's Hat Permanent 5,100 NX 2,550 NX
06/28/13 Supply Case GP-Extreme 10 Use 18,000 NX 9,100 NX
07/05/13 S 58 Musket Permanent 29,900 NX 17,940 NX
07/12/13 NEMEXIS Kriss Permanent 24,900 NX 18,675 NX
07/19/13 Cold Thunder Guitar Gun Permanent 24,900 NX 18,675 NX
07/26/13 Black Skull Guitar Gun Permanent 24,900 NX 18,675 NX
08/02/13 Guy Fawkes Mask 90 Days None 5,900 NX
08/09/13 - 08/20/13 Daily GP One Day Sale

One Day Mania

One day mania

From March 6th - March 20th, 2013, a special sale occurred every weekday, with super sales on the weekend. The sale times were reset midnight (PDT) every day.

Date Item Duration or Amount Original Price Sale Price
03/06/13 Striker Mutagen Permanent 18,500 NX 13,875 NX
03/07/13 Crusher Mutagen Permanent 18,500 NX 13,875 NX
03/08/13 Supply Case MYST-99N 1 None 99 NX
03/09/13 M416 CQB CAMO
90 Days
36,400 NX
59,400 GP
32,760 NX
44,550 GP

Bonus EXP Pass (300%)

10 None 1,200 NX
03/12/13 MSR
90 Days
41,400 NX
97,200 GP
37,260 NX
72,900 GP
03/13/13 Recon Vest Permanent 18,170 NX 16,353 NX
03/14/13 Supply Crate MYST-Epic 1 None 9,900 NX
03/15/13 Super Weapon Renewal Kit 1 None 1,800 NX
03/16/13 P90TR SE
90 Days
36,400 NX
59,400 GP
32,760 NX
42,300 GP
03/18/13 M4A1 SOPMOD
90 Days
36,400 NX
43,200 GP
32,760 NX
32,400 GP
03/19/13 Supply Case GP-Extreme 1 None 1,400 NX

Daily GP One Day Sale

Daily GP One Day Sale Banner

Part 1

Since its inception, the One Day Sale has been the venue of choice for massive NX sales, the unveiling of rare weapons and items, and explosive Fridays in Combat Arms. But it’s about time NX sales took a bit of a rest and gave GP sales some much-deserved time in the spotlight. We're giving the GP section of the Shop the One Day Sale treatment! Every day during the sale, you’ll find a new, steeply-discounted or rarely seen GP item to die for! Better hope you've got some GP saved up, because you'll need it to afford all the amazing sales to come.
  — Combat Arms Command 

On August 7th, 2013, Combat Arms temporarily retired NX items from the One Day Sale and replaced them with GP items. This sale ended with the August 21, 2013 maintenance.

Date Item Duration or Amount Original Price Sale Price
08/07/13 G36E LE Permanent 100,000 GP 90,000 GP
08/08/13 UMP LE


08/10/13 - 08/11/13 M4A1
08/12/2013 MK16 SCAR-L
08/13/2013 R870
08/14/2013 L96A1
08/15/2013 AK-47
08/16/2013 K2
08/17/13 - 08/18/13 Banshee
08/19/13 Baron
08/20/13 Max

Part 2

The Daily GP One Day Sale is back! From now through October 1st, we're bringing out a new Permanent duration GP weapon every day! And don't worry if you've gotten all of our previous GP Permanent weapons, because this batch is completely new -- nothing coming up has been sold for permanent before. So now you have no excuse not to check out the shop every day to see what the sale is!
  — Combat Arms Command 

On the 25th of September, 2013, the GP One Day Sales returned, promising to sell never before offered GP Permanent items from it's return, to the 1st of October.

Date Item Duration or Amount Original Price Sale Price
09/25/13 SG550 CAMO Permanent 100,000 GP 99,000 GP
09/26/13 TT Pistol 90,000 GP 70,000 GP
09/27/13 MP5 RAS 100,000 GP 99,000 GP
09/28/13 Dragunov SVDS 100,000 GP 99,000 GP
09/29/13 M4A1 CQBR 100,000 GP 99,000 GP
09/30/13 K3 SPW 100,000 GP 99,000 GP
10/01/13 P220 SE 90,000 GP 70,000 GP


  • Nexon did not specify when the sales will end.
  • There are situations when the items are on sale for 99,999 NX (i.e the Cyclops Bandana Sale. See Gallery). This seems to be a glitch that Nexon unintentionally made.
  • Nexon included 'original prices' for the NX-Rare weapons and function items on sale, even though they normally cannot be bought directly from the Shop.
  • On the 08/08/13 One Day Sale, the UMP LE was sold for 100,000 GP. The price was later changed for 90,000 GP approximately 2 hours later.
  • On the 08/10/13 One Day Sale, the announcement of the M4A1 occurred at 12:30 pm PST rather than the expected 11:00 am PST.  The Shop did not actually have permanent duration available for the weapon until 2:00 pm PST, and it was originally posted for 100,000 GP instead of the advertised 90,000 GP.  The error was fixed by 2:30 pm PST.
  • On the 08/13/13 One Day Sale, the R870 was supposedly sold for 90,000 GP. However, in-game, it sold for only 80,000 GP. This was later proved to be a glitch as 90,000 GP was the intended amount to be sold for.
  • After the Daily GP One Day Sale on 08/08/13, the UMP LE was still being sold in the shop for 100,000 GP. After the unscheduled maintenance on August 22th, 2013, it was removed from the shop.
  • Although the weapons were discounted for permanent duration, the price remained the same for other durations. Banshee was sold for the original 100,000 GP for 1 day even though the permanent duration was discounted for 90,000 GP.
  • The GP One Day Sale unofficially ended after August 20th, 2013. This is prior to the 8-21-13 Content Update.
  • On September 25th, 2013 the GP one day sale resumed
  • On the 09/28/13 One Day Sale, the Dragonov SVDS was supposedly sold for 99,000 GP. However, in-game, it sold for 99,999 GP. This was later fixed in a few minutes afterwards.
  • On the 09/29/13 One Day Sale, the M4A1 CQBR was supposedly sold for 99,000 GP. However, in-game, it sold for 99,999 GP. This was later fixed in a few minutes afterwards.



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