Reward for players who participated in Operation Janus Beta.
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The O.J.B. Bomb is a 3-Star Silver Grade cosmetic variant of the M69 HE Grenade.


The O.J.B. Bomb was a reward given to all players who logged in for 7 accumulated days on the Operation: Janus Open Beta Phase 2.

Its design is similar as the New Year's & Valentine's Day bombs, although it is completely orange and features the new Combat Arms logo.


Events & Trivia

Operation: Janus Beta

  • Unlike every other HE nades, the O.J.B. Bomb can be thrown twice just like a M67 Frag Pack or Dynamite Pack.
    • The explosive radius of the O.J.B. Bomb is smaller than every other HE nades, which may be a compromise for its additional grenade.
    • The O.J.B. Bomb's additional grenade capacity and smaller radius has been fixed as of the 12th of April, making the O.J.B. Bomb another reskin of the HE nades.


Draw Sprint
The O.J.B. Bomb Drawing Animation
The O.J.B. Bomb Sprinting Animation
The O.J.B. Bomb Throwing Animation