No Scope is the firing of a Sniper Rifle without the use of its scope to kill a target. Players who do this get mixed opinions, often called either a hacker or very skilled. The absence of a reticule is what makes no scoping difficult. Players often improvise a reticule by applying transparent tape onto their screen. This creates slight distortion, allowing players to recognize that the rifle is aimed at the target. Another method involves tape and string (or a material that can be pasted on using the tape). The string is molded into the shape of a crosshair and pasted onto the screen. Both methods need the rifle to be scoped to find the exact location of the actual reticule. However, for game balancing reasons, a sniper rifle is actually far less accurate when no scoping, only really allowing players to use this in CQB combat (i.e. if the L96A1's no scope accuracy is the same as scoping it would make the gun ridiculously deadly at both close range and long range).


Some tips for no scoping include the following: find the name tag of the enemy (the enemy`s name in red letters over their head) before firing. It`ll help greatly. Also don't go into a Sniper Only match with an SR-25, MSG-90, PSG-1 or any other semiautomatic/automatic sniper hoping that 10 round magazine will get you a load of kills. You'll most likely get frustrated by the inaccuracy of the sniper (unless you`re on Papa Server). You`ll also frustrate the other players in the room due to you spraying at them due to the fact that most players will be using a one-hit-kill rifle like the L96A1 or the TPG-1. However, on rare occasions, a semi-automatic sniper rifle will get you a lot of kills. This usually occurs on maps like Rattlesnake where there is only one spawn and your team has the other pinned in their spawn location. The last and most important tip is to not do the crazy trick shots you see on Youtube. Keep in mind that these shots take weeks or months to master.

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