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Br De Fr
Main ninjato
NX cost

30 Days - 2,000 NX

90 Days - 4,900 NX






Melee Damage

Ammo capacity


Firing modes

Horizontal Slash (Primary attack)

Left-right Swing (Secondary attack)



This longer traditional combat blade offers a wider attack range, but its length also makes it more difficult to handle for non-experts.
  — The Arsenal 

The Ninjato is a NX Melee weapon of Combat Arms, found only in the Black Market.


It is formerly the most powerful NX Melee weapon, but its attack rate is very slow compared to the M9's. Its long, shiny blade can easily distinguish a player from the others. It also has a longer hit distance, but that is countered by its slow slashing action. After the first slash, you could be hit twice with an M9 before the second slash. Being the only other melee weapon at the time of its release, many were complaining that there were no GP-comparable counterpart that has as much striking range. Some even argued that the Ninjato was rigged, for it scored headshots much more than the default knife.

As of the 14-07-2010 patch, this weapon is also available in Combat Arms Europe, although it is called the Guillotine there; the different name was probably given because it was meant to be awarded to the winners of a French Revolution-themed Melee Event. (Top 20 each week got the Guillotine for 90 days, as well as 3 MYST-N Crates)

However, during (around) the hour after the patch, the Guillotine was in the Black Market at weird prices such as 99,999 NX for 1, 7 and 30 days. However, the 90 day version was available for purchase for 4,900 NX. The item was quickly pulled out of the shop, and official statement confirms it was an error. Though this might have meant that the Guillotine was to be renamed and/or sold in the Black Market later on, it would remain as an exclusive to the Event winners and to the quick buyers who bought it before it got pulled out of the shop.



Red Ninjato
Gold Ninjato
Dual Ninjato


Silver I
1-Silver Star
Red Ninjato
Silver II
2-Silver Star
Gold Ninjato
Dual Ninjato


NX Standard Ninjato
Rewards Red Ninjato
Gold Ninjato
Myth Dual Ninjato


  • The Ninjato has the range of an Infected Claws.
  • The Ninjato is the the first NX-Standard Melee Weapon to have variants.
  • When drawing and swinging the Ninjato a missing texture bug makes one's arms appear not to be attached to their body, as seen below.


  • The drawing animation of the Ninjato.
  • The primary swinging animation of the Ninjato.
  • The secondary swinging animation of the Ninjato.
  • The sprinting animation of the Ninjato.

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