With the Combat Arms reboot, all the weapon's statistics were changed. I've made a list with a lot of statistics. But there are also some that I didn't have found.

I wanna remember that all the weapons that could be purchased with gp, can also be purchased with NX. So if some weapons has like "Restrictions" a rank, they could be purchased also with NX.


In this page you can see ETC Statistics:

ETC Statistics:

Name Damage Weight Rate of fire Total Ammo Ammo Requirements Grade

LAW 40 21 30 3 01/02 None Silver 2
M79 40 19 30 3 01/02 MSG2 Silver 2
MZP-1 42 19 30 4 01/03 CSM2 Silver 3
RPG-7 43 21 33 3 01/02 MSG2 Silver 2
XM25 CDTE 22 20 37 8 04/04 CSM2 Silver 3

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