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NEMEXIS Supremacy 2 Map

When everyone believed that the threat of the evil corporation ended, a new terror threats to destroy the whole world. It's time to prevent a calamity facing the infected armies that have the newest viruses created by NEMEXIS!
  — Combat Arms Command 

The NEMEXIS Supremacy 2: Contamination event was a May 2014 Combat Arms event. During the event, players on the opposing team would be seen wearing uniforms of NEMEXIS Mercenaries, with an appearance similar to that of Splicers.This happens three months after the events of Dead Water.

Event Overview

The Enemy team will show as NEMEXIS Infected Forces.

The NEMEXIS Tags, often carried by NEMEXIS Infected Forces, are being used to mark your effort in defeating the NEMEXIS Menace! They can be earned in any of the following ways:

Log-in: All soldiers will get a random quantity from 1 to 30 NEMEXIS Tag per day just for logging in.

Daily Jobs: A Special Mission will reward a random quantity from 1 to 30 NEMEXIS Tags.

Buying Items:

Item Reward
Weapon Renewal Kit High Resolution

Weapon Renewal Kit

1 Unit - 1 Nemexis Tag

7 Units - 9 Nemexis Tags

15 Units - 17 Nemexis Tags

Black HiSec Key High Resolution

Black HiSec Key

1 Unit - 1 Nemexis Tag

7 Units - 6 Nemexis Tags

15 Units - 12 Nemexis Tags

Supply Crate


1 Unit - 4 Nemexis Tags

7 Units - 26 Nemexis Tags

15 Units - 48 Nemexis Tags


Item Cost Reward Tags
Bonus EXP Pass (200%) High Resolution

Bonus EXP Pass (200%) (30 Units)

30 Nemexis Tags


Vs nemexis case 1

NEMEXIS Optical Sight Case (7 Days)

100 Nemexis Tags 20 to 100 Nemexis Tags
Vs nemexis case 1

NEMEXIS F2000 Case (7 Days)

200 Nemexis Tags 70 to 150 Nemexis Tags
Vs nemexis case 2

NEMEXIS Kriss Case (30 Days)

300 Nemexis Tags 120 to 200 Nemexis Tags
Vs nemexis case 2

NEMEXIS Modular Backpack Case (90 Days)

400 Nemexis Tags 150 to 250 Nemexis Tags
Vs nemexis case 3

Viper's P90TR Case (30 Days)

500 Nemexis Tags 180 to 300 Nemexis Tags
Vs nemexis case 3

Orthus Case (90 Days)

600 Nemexis Tags 210 to 350 Nemexis Tags

Note 1: All rewards can only be obtained once, except for the Bonus EXP Pass (200%).
Note 2: In the end of the Event, all remaining Nemexis Tags will be exchanged automatically for Bonus EXP Pass (100%).



It was three months ago that a new virus has infected and killed all passengers and crew of Ocean Alliance Cruise.

The case was revealed by the World Federation Organization, which found that one of the NEMEXIS Lab scientists had produced a new sample of the dreaded virus created by the corporation; then he handed to a terrorist group after being bribed with a large amount of money.The exchange for the virus was scheduled to take place at the Ocean Alliance Cruise.

However, trading was intercepted by the Joint Special Force (JSF), who tried to stop it. Unfortunately, the container with the virus was damaged during the fight, releasing their contents. As everyone aboard had been infected, the only possible solution was to sink the ship.

Still, there was no evidence that the virus sample was completely gone after the ship had sunk, since it was not known in which complex of NEMEXIS Corporation it had been produced.

A few hours ago, the operational headquarters reported the sight of a contingent of NEMEXIS infected forces. According to the report, those who were infected have the same look of those who had been infected three months ago on the ship , and its evolution is amazing. Now, for example, the infected have the ability to use infantry weapons normally.

Virology experts said that these individuals are not completely contaminated, but in an "intermediate stage of infection".They also reported that if these new cases reach the stage of absolute contamination will become a serious global threat. The mission, therefore, is to combat and eliminate infected NEMEXIS forces before they develop completely, saving the world from this menace!


  • The Male player infected, has the shoulder in yellow.
  • The Female player infected, has the shoulder in red.

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