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Unstable technology. This can be exchanged for armament or an Advanced Refiner.
  — Item Description 


NEMEXIS Nanotechs are items received from the Wheel of Fate. These items are used to obtain the starting variants of all TAU system weapons. These can be forged into Nanotech Dossiers, requiring 2,500 Nanotechs to forge.

NEMEXIS Nanotechs were originally obtainable from the the Silver Coin Grade Roulette Wheel; however, it had changed to a Sun Coin Grade Roulette Wheel reward from July 16 to July 23.

As of July 23, 2014, this item no longer exists. All previously existing Nanotechs have been removed.

Possible Amounts

  • 20 NEMEXIS Nanotechs
  • 30 NEMEXIS Nanotechs
  • 50 NEMEXIS Nanotechs
  • 70 NEMEXIS Nanotechs
  • 100 NEMEXIS Nanotechs
  • 200 NEMEXIS Nanotechs


Inventory NEMEXIS Nanotechs

NEMEXIS Nanotechs in player's inventory.

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