The NEMEXIS Mercenaries are highly-trained soldiers that have been hired to work for the NEMEXIS Corporation.


Fighting NPC's with Decklands F2000


The Sand Hog are motivated by their own beliefs and goals.

The Infected are motivated by their desire to kill.

These Mercenaries have been hired by NEMEXIS to do their bidding, and have been fitted with enhanced techological equipment and bio-technology in return; making them much they much stronger (and way more dangerous) than any other force we've yet to encounter in battle.


There are three known NEMEXIS mercenary classes.

Apparently, each "rank" has their own special Ninjato upgrade; which improves with each promotion. The higher the ranking, the better (and more stylish) the variant.

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  • Colonel Coleman refers to them as highly efficient in close-quarters combat.
  • It's possible that the drug(s) used by the mercenaries is actually a refined form of the Infection. This is evident since several mercenaries have unnaturally pale skin and red eyes (and this is only judging from the people who are not wearing goggles)
  1. It may mean that the original stamina drug had been perfected, giving these people superhuman boosts without any major drawbacks.
  • People have often compared the NEMEXIS Mercenaries to Scorpion in terms of looks.
  • They have two sound files, and it is their death yells where they grunt loudly upon death.
  • The mercenaries appear to be a lot slimmer than any other characters in-game.

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