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This special weapon license allows you renew all gold level weapons (Mythic Weapons included)!
  — Item Description 

The Mythic Weapon License is a NX function item that can be used to extend the usage period of all Gold weapons.



GP Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Supreme Weapon Renewal Kit
NX Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Super Weapon Renewal Kit
Epic Renewal Kit
Mythic Renewal Kit
Weapon License
Mythic Weapon License
Weapon Patch Kit


  • The Mythic Weapon License can renew all gold level weapons including Mythic Weapons, which the Weapon License cannot do.
  • The Mythic Weapon License can renew items besides Mythic Weapons, which the Mythic Renewal Kit cannot do.
  • Was released in Combat Arms Brazil on December 17th, 2014 with the prices of:
    • 1 use - 2,100 NX
    • 7 uses - 13.800 NX
    • 15 uses - 25,600 NX

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