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Muzzle brakes and recoil compensators are devices that are fitted to the muzzle of a firearm or cannon to redirect propellant gases with the effect of countering both recoil of the gun and unwanted rising of the barrel during rapid fire[1]. Muzzle brakes are very useful for combat and timed competition shooting, and are commonly found on rifles firing very large cartridges (often big-game rifles), as well as some artillery and tank guns. They are also commonly used on pistols for practical pistol competitions, and are usually called compensators in this context.
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L96a1 black magnum

The Muzzle Brake on the L96A1 Black Magnum are the lines on the front of the barrel.

M107CQ Old Glory High Resolution

The Muzzle Brake is the "Square" in weapon front of the M107CQ Old Glory

The Muzzle Brake is a commonly found integrated attachment on certain weapons in the game. In Combat Arms, most weapons with a muzzle brake make very loud noises, making players susceptible to discovery since the sounds can be heard very easily. Most muzzle brakes are found on large caliber Sniper Rifles, prime examples being the L96A1's two variants; the Super and Black Magnums, and the M107 Series.


A problem with muzzle brakes in Combat Arms is that weapons which have this feature cannot be outfitted with a suppressor. This makes the weapon extremely difficult to use to stealthily pick off groups of opponents without the others in the group noticing the shooter. 


Most weapons with the muzzle brake have extremely high levels of damage and range, and therefore shots are less likely to be tanked over great distances. (Such as across Kill Creek.)

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