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A Mutagen is a NEMEXIS-engineered item that allows you to become a certain type of Infected upon death.

There are currently two known mutagens:


These unique items allow you to become different types of Infected (seen in Cabin Fever/Black Lung) and gain different abilities that the Infected normally wouldn't have.

How to UseEdit

To use a Mutagen, equip the item and join a game of Quarantine (or play One Man Army/Elimination with Rec Rules).

In Quarantine, a screen will appear at the beginning of each round. There will be three options:

  • 0 = Infected - Pressing 0 will allow you to abstain from using the mutagen.
  • 1 = Striker Infected - Pressing 1 will allow you to become a Striker (with unlimited stamina and increased speed).
  • 2 = Crusher Infected - Pressing 2 will allow you to become a Crusher (with increased regeneration and longer range).

In any other mode, you will automatically use whatever mutagen you already have equipped once you become Infected.


Striker Mutagen

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