This cap was used by the legendary mercenary, Morris. It holds great value for Morris, as it reminds him of his late son Paul, who sacrificed himself for Nemexis. He wore it in every battle in remembrance of his son. With Paul’s blessing, Morris left all battles unscathed. After Morris’s retirement, he decided to mass-produce this cap in honor of his late son Paul. Soon after, Morris vanished and is now nowhere to be found.
  — Item description. 
Morris Cap

Morris Cap

How to obtain
From the Cosmetic Shop
GP Cost

1 Day - 5,410 GP

30 Days - 46,070 GP

Permanent - 162,010 GP

NX Cost

1 Day - 170 NX

30 Days - 1,450 NX

Permanent - 5,410 NX

When equipped, makes the player's head gear appear like the Morris Cap.


The Morris Cap is a cosmetic item that was released on [1].




  1. 08/09/17 Content Update

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