This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

Sniper Rifle Month

Nexon designated February 2010 "Sniper Rifle Month," with events and sales from the 3rd to the 23rd of the month. The prices of certain Black Market sniper rifles (see picture) and sniper rifle cases were slashed. Also, certain rare sniper rifles were made available to buy in the Black Market, such as the PSG-1 MOD CAMO and the L96A1 Super-Magnum.

Sales (2/3/20 to 2/23/10)

NX Sales

Item: Sale Price: Image:
Dragunov Black 450 NX / 1 Day
File:Dragunov Black.png
L96A1 Arctic Wolf 450 NX / 1 Day
File:L9 arctic.png
PSG-1 MOD 450 NX / 1 Day
PSG-1 MOD render
M24A3 2,950 NX / 7 Day
M107CQ SE 3,250 NX / 7 Day

NX Rare Sales

Item: Sale Price: Image:
Dragunov SVDS Ghillie 16,900 NX/ 90 Days
File:Dragunov SVDs Ghillie.png
PSG-1 MOD CAMO 16,900 NX/ 90 Days
M24A3 Woodland 16,900 NX/ 90 Days
M24A3 Woodland
L96A1 Super-Magnum 19,900 NX/ 90 Days
File:L96A1 Super-Magnum.png
M107CQ SE Ghillie 19,900 NX/ 90 Days
M107CQ Ghillie

NX Supply Cases

Item: Sale Price Image:
Supply Case Dragunov-N 500 NX / 1 Case
3,250 NX / 7 Cases
6,000 NX / 15 Cases
Main Supply Case Dragunov-N
Supply Case M24-N 500 NX / 1 Case
3,250 NX / 7 Cases
6,000 NX / 15 Cases
Main M24-N Supply Case
Supply Case L96-N 750 NX / 1 Case
4,750NX / 7 Cases
9,000 NX / 15 Cases
Supply Case PSG-N 750 NX / 1 Case
4,750NX / 7 Cases
9,000 NX / 15 Cases
Supply Case PSG-N render


  • Nexon had a "One Day 30 Kills Event" running from February 12, 2010 to February 15, 2010. In the event, if you bought a 1-day sniper rifle and made 30 kills with it, you would get 2 Respawn Tokens.
  • There was also an event to get 100 kills with a purchased M39 EMR or M39 EMR Desert between February 3, 2010 and February 22, 2010. As a reward, you would be gifted one Black HiSec Key.

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