This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

Nexon had chosen the month of December 2009 as Shotgun month, featuring Shotgunsales, events, and Rare Shotgun sales.

Join us as we celebrate the Shotgun with special prices, Rare Shotgun Sales, Shotgun events, and Shotgun Channels!
  — Combat Arms Command 

Sales (from December 1st to December 23rd)

NX Shotgun Sales:

Item: Sale Price: Image:
M590 Mariners 7 Days - 1,500 NX
M590 Mariners Main
Double Barrel Punisher 7 Days - 1,500 NX
Double Barrel Punisher main
Spas-12 Gold 7 Days - 1,500 NX
Spas 12 gold main
Saiga 20K CQB 7 Days - 1,500 NX
Main saiga 20k cqb

R870 MCS

7 Days - 1,500 NX
Main r870 mcs
Fast Loader Mag II (SG) 1 Day - 100 NX
Main fast loader mag ii

Supply Case Sale

Supply Case: Sale Prices: Image:
Supply Case SG-N 1 Case - 500 NX7 Cases - 3,250 NX15 Cases - 6,000 NX
Main Supply Case SG-N

Rare Shotgun Sales

Item: Sale Price: Image:
R870 MCS MOD 90 Days - 14,900 NX
Saiga 20K CQB CAMO 90 Days - 14,900 NX
Main saiga 20k cqb camo
Spas-12 Stock Gold 90 Days - 14,900 NX
Main spas 12 stock gold
M590 CQB Mariners 90 Days - 14,900 NX
Main m590 cqb mariners
Golden Punisher 90 Days - 12,900 NX
Main golden punisher


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