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Br De Fr
Modular Backpack Main
Modular Backpack
NX cost

90 Days - 9,900 NX




Very High


Slot +4

Speed -5%

The Modular Backpack made its debut on 7/14/2012, as a Round 4 SvS Event reward.


The backpack was first given out to the Spiders at the end of the Spiders vs. Scorpions (Event), before its official release through a Supply Drop on 7/18/2012.

It is the first backpack to offer a total of four extra slots, while incurring a penalty of only 5% speed (the same as the AdvancedUtility, or Clan Backpack).

It is offered in both 90-Day and permanent durations.


  • This backpack was available for permanent duration during the Gray Friday Sale, at a price of 13,930 NX.
  • This backpack was available for permanent duration in the Mega Perm Gear Sale(12/10/2012-12/16/2012) for 13,930 NX.



NX Standard Modular Backpack
NEMEXIS Modular Backpack
Europe Month Modular Backpack


  • It resembles the Terrain Backpack, aside from a different color scheme and an additional pouch near the back.
  • This was the first backpack to be sold for a permanent duration.
  • This backpack is small from a third-person point of view.
  • Before it was known as the "Modular Backpack," it was simply named '4-slot Backpack'.
    • On the CA Web Ranking profiles, this backpack is named '4-Slot Backpack'.


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