Modeler Billie is a member of the Combat Arms Graphics Department and whose job is to "bring a 2D concept into 3D". He, and his partner, Modeler Jack, made their first appearance in the Combat Arms Dev Blog (1/24/13).

What I am in charge of is bringing a 2D concept into 3D. The process for this task can be different in style for different individuals. For me, it requires careful detail work, editing, and fine tuning. The most important factor in 3D work is to express what was originally planned in the 2D concept design exactly in 3D, and deliver reality with details in texture and density. The recent Ghillie Suit was very difficult to work on due to the fur-like parts. The work was so stressful that my hair started to turn gray! My girlfriend gave me a lot of grief about my hair, but the item proved to be popular, and it made it all worthwhile.
  — Billie 

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