The minimap is a small map in the right-top corner of the screen. As the player moves, the map also moves, as it is like a top-down view of the map, though all objects in the map are symbolized (trees are circles; freight boxes are rectangles). The player is marked as a triangle in the middle of the Minimap.

The Minimap shows team positions if they are in close proximity (blue dots), as well as nearby enemies if a Heartbeat Sensor is in use. When near a player with a Heartbeat Detector, their detector would indicate nearby enemies on the minimap, too.

There are currently no hacks to make the minimap display enemy positions. This is most likey due to chams being a replacement.


  • After the 8/24/2010 update the radar now can now be Enlarged and Reduced
  • Also the Icons on the radar and the radar itself was updated
  • Upon inspection of the radar settings, it appears Nexon may make it rotatable in a future update.
  • Radar Zooming 1
  • Radar Zooming 2
  • Radar Zooming 3
  • Radar Zooming 4
  • Radar Zooming 5
  • Editing

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