Increases movement speed by 5%.
  — The Arsenal 

The Military Bandana is an unlockable item allowed to be worn on the head.


The Military Bandana is considered to be an upgrade of the Combat Beanie, with a +5% increase to movement speed compared to the Beanie's +3%. It also changes color to match your uniform (e.g. If you wear Urban Camo, the bandana will become a dark blue).

The Military Bandana is currently the best GP head item in the game in terms of speed, making it a suitable alternative to the NX Cyclops Bandana. Players must be the rank of Command Sergeant Major/IV in order to purchase this item.



  • The Military Bandana appears to have a dome-like padding underneath, not present in other bandanas such as the Cyclops Bandana. It is unknown whether or not this is supposed to provide any protection from bullets, as the item has no protective stats.