The Messenger is a useful application in Combat Arms that could be used anytime except when in a match or in the server and channel selection screen. Opening the Messenger application is on the bottom left of the screen, where there is a button labeled as Messenger with a paper-and-pencil symbol next to it.


One of the main things the Messenger can do is show a list of friends that you added or accepted in the game. All of their screen names are shown; if their name is gray, then they are offline. If there's a green box next to their name, then they are online and are somewhere in the game.

Players can talk with their online friends in the Messenger. When a player receives a new message, their Messenger button flashes white.

You can also send notes to your friends, even when they are offline. The maximum characters you can use on a note is 80. You can also receive notes from your friends as well.

Other functions includes:

  • Join Friend's Room

If your friend is in a pre-game lobby, then you are able to right-click their name on the messenger and select the join user's game room command. This only works if the room is not password-protected nor full. This ability is broken frequently, leaving players very frustrated.

  • Invite Friends

If you are in a pre-game lobby, you are able to invite a selected friend into that room. This only works if your room still have space and (if in a password-protected room) if you are the host.

  • Block/Unblock Friend New: Hide/Unhide

This allows you block your friend, meaning that friend doesn't know you're online and cannot talk to you. Unblocking will undo this ability.

  • Delete a Friend

You can remove any players off your messenger at any time by right clicking on your friend's name then choose the option "remove"

  • Placing your friends in groups/categories

You can separate your friends in your messenger by creating groups then dragging their IGNS there. However, once you put your friends into groups/categories, you cannot move them back into the default 'Other Contacts' section.

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