Ideal for close quarters when the 'continuum of force' has been reduced to hand to hand combat. For optimum performance, the leading edge, 'pointy end', should be applied to the enemy and thrust into vital regions. This should be repeated as necessary.
  — Description. 
Melee items are a type of weapon category that Players always have, even with weapon restrictions. They can only do damage to another player if the user is standing to a close/medium range to him/her. These weapons are either sharp or just blunt, and are used to hurt enemies by hitting them with it. Melee weapons are generally considered the lightest weapons save for grenades, (though some Pistols and Submachine Gun have, somehow

The M9 Knife, the default melee weapon

, higher portabilities than the default M9 Combat Knife) and do not use ammunition for reasons that should be rather obvious. All melee weapons ignore AP. The main attack of these weapons are weak, but players can attack again quickly; secondary attacks are slower, but they deal more damage. Their use is generally for running faster, or for quiet (or humiliating) kills without alerting nearby enemies, though it does require the user to be very close to the target and is very risky. When people fight each other with melee weapons, they are said to be knife fighting. Melee weapons are frequently used to kill the Super Spy along with Sniper Rifles.

Melee weapons cannot be picked up when their users have died/been killed.

Melee Only

A Weapon Restriction type called Melee Only allows only the usage of Melee weapons. Shifting is an exploit for Melee Only and is considered bannable, although it is yet often employed in Melee Only.

List of Melee Weapons

  Damage Portability Restrictions
3 Lb. Sledge 55 69 2LT
Balisong Knife 53 91 None
Brass Knuckles 44 97 None
Bowie Knife 52 70 Ico rank10 01
Dom Pedro Sword 60 85 None
Expandable Baton 52 70 Master Sergeant III
Halloween Sickle 65 91 None
G.I. Shovel 52 70 None
Gold Ninjato 53 90 NEMEXIS HQ(Extreme)
Kukri 52 70 Ico rank07 01
M11 Tactical Knife 42 91 None
M9 (Variants) 40 81
Machete 52 70 None
Ninjato 47 85 None
NR-40 44 81 Csm3
Police Baton 53 73 None
Red Ninjato 47 85 NEMEXIS HQ (Hard)
Sickle 44 70 None
Survival Machete 56 65 Clan Level 4
Tracker Knife 55 95 None
Tiger Strider 45 91 None
Tomahawk 55 69 Ico rank10 05
Turkey Leg N/A N/A N/A
USMC KA BAR 51 85 2LT3

Melee Guides


  • Even with a Backpack, a Player can not equip more than one melee item, though this should be self-explanatory....
  • Melee weapons were never available for permanent duration in the Shop or the Black Market.
  • Kill Creek is the most popular map for Melee Only.
  • The Brass Knuckles is the lightest NX melee weapon in-game
    • The Halloween Sickle boasts the highest damage for a melee weapon


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