Listen up Soldiers! Are you feeling lucky? Lucky enough to win some PERMANENT RARE items? Lucky enough to save TONS of NX? For a limited time only, the exclusive Kalika Case is on sale. You'll want to get your hands on these cases, because they'll fill your inbox with premium items faster than you can activate them!
  — Combat Arms Command 

Mega MYST Crates (previously known as Kalika Cases) are unique variant of the standard Transport Lockers.

It has one known variation: the Kalika Specialist Case.


The Mega MYST Crate is a soldier's dream case, full of rare weapons, special gear, functional items, mercenaries, and more. Each Mega MYST Crate will give the soldier who opens it 5 SEPARATE items, each for varying durations. The Mega MYST Crate contents include:

  • 1 Support Weapon
  • 1 Rare/Standard Weapon
  • 1 Mercenary
  • 1 Gear Item
  • 1 Functional Item

Think about it - for 3,000 NX, a player could receive 5 PERMANENT items! (although this is a rare chance).


Kalika, Nexon's forum moderator, visited Japan for last year's winter holidays. During her stay, she learned about fukubukuro, the Japanese New Year's Sales tradition. Shoppers are presented with the opportunity to purchase fukubukuro, or "lucky bags", which contain premium items for 70% off. We thought that was a great way to start the holidays, and wanted to bring the same deal to you!
  — Sales Pitch 
  • The case was originally named after Kalika, CA:NA's CM at the time.
  • In Combat Arms Europe, this case is known as Viewty's Case, named after one of their GMs.
  • When Kalika resigned, the name was changed to "Mega MYST Crate" while the description was changed to feature Khali, her replacement, until Khali resigned as well.

List of Possible Items

The Mega MYST Crate features a lot of possible rewards.

NX Rare Weapons

Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns


Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles


NX Standard Weapons


Melee Weapons







Support Weapons


Specialist Gear


Specialist Items

Premium Items


  • This is the first RIG to offer the possibility of getting a permanent Gear item.
  • This case first appeared shortly after the unpopular Transport Locker was released.
  • The Kalika Specialist Case shares a similar appearance.
  • The item's offer description is rather misleading, since the chances of getting even ONE permanent item is exceedingly low, getting 2+ (and especially all five) would be a near-impossible, 1/1,000,000,000+ chance.
  • There is a typo in the item description. It says, "we loved thei dea, so we're bringing it to you at 75% off!" It is supposed to state "we loved the idea, so we're bringing it to you at 75% off!"
  • Like Black HiSec Cases, the chances of receiving a weapon or a Mercenary/Specialist permanently is low. However, opening this case is like opening 5 Black Hisec Cases, so one could think their chances are higher (by a factor of 5).
  • The Mega MYST Crate was back again during the Black Friday Sale (2012).
  • It is still called the Kalika Case on the Review Purchases section when bought.
    • It is also still called the Kalika Case in the item note when you receive the items from this case.
  • The Mega MYST Crate was sold at a 20% discount during the 5th Anniversary Premium Sale