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Br De Fr
GP cost

Brazil Prices

1 Day - 2,500 GP

7 Days - 9,500 GP

30 Days - 19,500 GP

90 Days - 34,500 GP

North America Prices

1 Day - 1,600 GP

7 Days - 6,000 GP

30 Days - 11,200 GP

90 Days - 20,800 GP

NX cost

Brazil Prices

1 Days - 500 NX

7 Days - 1,900 NX

30 Days - 3,900 NX

90 Days - 6,900 NX

North America Prices

1 Days - 400 NX

7 Days - 1,500 NX

30 Days - 2,800 NX

90 Days - 5,200 NX


NA: Ico rank09 02Staff Sergeant/I

BR: Ico rank11 01Second Lieutenant/I





Recovery +45HP

Ammo capacity


Firing modes


A military syringe developed by NEMEXIS that is injected directly into the bloodstream. The Medkit restores a set amount of HP. (Note: The Medkit can only be used for recovering one's own HP.)
  — The Arsenal 


The Medkit was released as one of the original Operative weapons available when the Operatives were first released. It comes in a pack with two needles. Each syringe heals approximately 45 HP. This can only be used on yourself and can not be used to heal team mates. Like most of the first Operative-related items, they were initially NX-exclusive and now also available to be purchased with GP by players that are Staff Sergeant/I or higher.

When using the Medkit, the player will stab him/herself. Players will see the user's Specialist inject the syringe on the left side of the chest, possibly at the heart, and may hear a sound of pain as if they were hit by a weapon. The user's screen then flash blue as the player regains health over a second or two. While the Medikit cannot heal up to 100 HP, like the First Aid Kit, there is no need to worry about teammates stealing healing points nor the risk of someone destroying it, leaving no one to take advantage of it but the user. The Medkit also heals faster, which is better for fast-paced gameplay like for One Man Army, where hiding and slowly regenerating health is not ideal or efficient in areas filled with high amounts of activity.





Silver II
2-Silver Star


GP Standard Medkit
NX Standard Medkit


  • The player would first see the needle after the Operative has injected it into his/her body.
  • From a 3rd person view, when a player uses a Medkit syringe, he/she will see the air around the player glow blue for a few seconds. The blue glow can be seen through certain walls, easily giving away the Medkit user's position.


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