A Mech (or robot) is a bulky robotic exosuit found in Combat Arms. Mechs appear in NEMEXIS Labs, and may be commandeered by players. There are two of each type of Mech avaliable in the map.


There are four different types of Mechs: Lancer (CQB), Avenger (Sniper), Marauder (Standard), and Sentinel (Medic). In addition, at the climax off NEMEXIS Labs, the players will face off against "super mech" known as Dreadnought (controlled by one of the players).


Using the Hermes (The Greek God of Speed) saw arm or an Athena (The Greek God of strategic war) cannon as a secondary weapon, this mech is meant for close quarters combat


Using the Artemis (The Greek God of Hunting and Archers) sniper cannon, this mech fires full-auto sniper rounds very accurately.


Using the Ares (The Greek God of destructive war) auto cannon, this mech does a massive amount of damage, although the spread and recoil is a bit wild.


Using the Apollo (The Greek God of medicine) repair arm, this Mech can repair other Mechs by entering melee range of them (oddly it can also be used to heal players who are not piloting a mech). It also has the Athena cannon as a secondary weapon, allowing it to defend itself.

Enemy mechs

Enemy mechs (of the Maurader and Avenger type) are also encountered in NEMEXIS HQ, however they are of a dark grey color to distinguish them from the player mechs.



  • The Mechs are the first "drivable" (pilot-able in this case) vehicles in Combat Arms.
  • While "sprinting" in a mech, you can still hear the character's panting sound (this is odd since they would not actually be "running" while piloting a mech).

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