Using the Ares machine gun, this mech does a massive amount of damage, although the fire is a bit wild.
  — Mech Description 


Type of Mech
Ares cannon
Dirty White/Grey Armor
Appears in

Marauder is a Mech that was released on the 13.07.2012 Content Update. Marauder, along with other the Mechs, are only available on the Fireteam Map, NEMEXIS Labs.


The Marauder is one of the vehicles players can use to fight during NEMEXIS Labs. To use a Marauder, simply walk up to the Mech and hold the key, E, to use it.

The Marauder has its own unique weapon, the Ares cannon (which performs essentially like a beefed-up submachine gun). The Ares cannon deals a high amount of damage and has a fast firing rate.


  • Marauder and Sentinel (Medic Mech) shares similar appearances; they both have white-ish armour on them.
  • Marauder's weapon, the Ares, is named after the Greek God of War.
  • There is a bug in which if the player is using a male character, they will have a female voice while piloting the Maurader, and vice versa (if using a female character, they will have a male voice).
  • If the Marauder's weapon is fired for a prolonged period of time it will automatically reload and show the reload animation even though it does not display ammo. 
  • The Marauder's weapon has an unlimited supply of ammo.


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