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These heavy weapons are known as terrors on the open battlefield. While not especially portable, slowing down even the strongest soldier, they are known for being extremely powerful and capable of relentlessly mowing down countless enemies with one belt of ammo.
  — Weapon Class Description 

The M60, an example of a machine gun

Machine Guns, or MGs, are heavy Primary weapons designed for Spraying or Covering Fire, and are sometimes even advantageous in close-quarters. They have an extremely high round count per magazine (2 100-round magazines). Machine guns also have a high rate of fire, but these weapons suffer from high recoil and low portability. Shooting a Machine Gun results in the mouse sensitivity temporarily lowering, making the weapon harder to aim after a period of time. Despite their lack of mobility, reload speed, and accuracy, many players use them to mow down enemies. They are incredibly lethal in CQB (Close-Quarters Battle) situations, and are easily capable of killing multiple enemies simultaneously. Fast loader magazines are recommended, as 100 rounds are not needed to kill an enemy or two. Machine guns are vital in most Quarantine situations; they are good for keeping The Infected at bay or finishing them off.

All current Machine Guns cannot be fitted with a Scope or Suppressor of any kind, with the exception of a few weapons. However, some Machine Guns are premodded to have a scope attached to it in the Black Market (MK.48 MOD 0 and the MG36 to list a few). The RPKs MOD is currently the only Machine Gun available for GP equipped with a scope. Any Machine Gun can be fitted with a Extended Magazine modification. All Machine Guns are belt fed excluding the RPK, M21E, Ultimax 100 and the MG36 which use drum magazines.

List of Machine Guns in Combat Arms

The underlined parts indicate the best stats in that particular area:

Weapon (MG) Damage Portability Rate of Fire Accuracy Recoil 1 Day Price 7 Days Price 30 Days Price 90 Days Price Permanent Price Requirements
Box Gun4943806366Forge
Bren Light Machine Gun4532806368Forge
K340358258731,050 GP5,145 GP20,475 GP56,700 GPNoneIco rank07 01
K3 SPW40378258731,575 GP7,700 GP30,700 GP85,050 GPNoneIco rank14 01
M2 Browning5310725774None6,680 GP27,300 GP75,600 GPNoneIco rank12 03
M21E4936806268NoneNone4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
M604830735873950 GP4,655 GP18,525 GP51,300 GPNoneIco rank05 01
M60 Steel4830735873700 NX2,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
M60E449307358731,425 GP6,690 GP27,800 GP76,950 GPNoneIco rank15 04
M60E4 Steel5132735873Myst-N
MG21E48328060721,200 GP5,800 GP23,400 GP64,800 GPNoneIco rank12 01
MG21E Steel4935806072700 NX2,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
MG3649368063672,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
MG4241338257741,200 GP5,880 GP23,400 GP64,800 GPNoneIco rank11 03
MG42 Steel49368264722,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
MINIMI4335796071950 GP4,655 GP18,525 GP51,300 GPNoneNone
MINIMI Para45367960704,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
MINIMI Para CAMO4937796169Myst-N
MK.4851336860711,050 GP5,145 GP20,475 GP56,700 GPNoneIco rank03 01
MK.48 CAMO51336860701,575 GP7,700 GP30,700 GP85,050 GPNoneIco rank16 03
MK.48 MOD 05133686069700 NX2,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
MK.48 MOD 0 CAMO5133686068Myst-N
Negev44357962711,100 GP5,390 GP21,450 GP59,400 GPNoneClan Lvl. 3
RPK45328060731,100 GP5,390 GP21,450 GP59,400 GPNoneIco rank07 03
RPK-744935806273700 NX2,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
RPKs MOD45328060731,650 GP8,085 GP32,175 GP89,100 GPNoneIco rank14 05
Ultimax 1004936806471None2,900 NX4,900 NX8,900 NX19,900 NXNone
Yuletide Annihilator4831806170Forged

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