A micro version of the TAR-21, the MTAR-21 is designed to take advantage of a shorter barrel in addition to a variety of magazine and ammunition conversion kits.
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The Micro Tavor Assault Rifle - 21st Century is an Assault Rifle, and the NX-Standard variant of the TAR-21.


The MTAR-21 offers an increase in portability compared to the standard TAR-21, whilst taking on the benefits of the TAR-21 CAMO. It features an increase in accuracy and decrease in recoil compared to its GP variant. The gun also comes with an increase in the Rate of Fire, allowing players to potentially kill their targets quicker at the same time making the recoil more difficult to control. The recoil moves very mildly upwards in the first 3-5 rounds, then begins alternating side to side mildly in groups of 5 rounds.




  • The MTAR-21 was the 1st weapon to be bought as Permanent with NX. It was also one of the first weapons to be retired.


  • The draw animation of the MTAR-21.
  • The firing animation of the MTAR-21.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the MTAR-21.
  • The reload animation of the MTAR-21.
  • The scoping animation of the MTAR-21.
  • The sprint animation of the MTAR-21.