A modified, lightweight sniper rifle, built for precise shooting. Used by many armed forces as their standard-issue sniper rifle.
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The MSG-90 is an automatic Sniper Rifle released shortly after Combat Arms came out.


As a automatic sniper, the MSG-90 has a higher fire rate and portability than bolt action snipers, but also comparably low damage and accuracy. In general, automatic snipers are perform poorly in close range due to its lack of crosshair and low rate of fire compared to assault rifles and submachine guns. With its high power, the MSG-90 is very efficient over long range and if used correctly one could kill almost anyone on sight.

This sniper is frequently compared with another automatic sniper rifle, the SR25. The MSG-90 has comparably higher damage, with a rating of 83, more than SR25's 75. Still, both weapons can kill a target in two shots at proper ranges.

The SR25 also has a faster fire rate, making it a faster killer despite being weaker. To compensate that, the MSG-90 has a tamer recoil pattern that goes up instead of everywhere, unlike the SR25. Notably, the MSG-90 has the lowest recoil of any semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game. It is therefore superior to the SR25 in terms of quickly firing accurately, as the recoil settles faster, while rapidly firing the SR25 is extremely ineffective at anything more than close range. In general the SR25 is more popular because it costs 100 GP less, is lighter, has a suppressor, and can also kill in 2 shots. For this reason the MSG-90 is rarely seen.

Some players have compared the MSG-90 to the PSG-1, its police-issue cousin. Overall, they say that the MSG-90 is better than the PSG-1 because of its larger magazine capacity and its higher magnification scope. However, the MSG-90 is suited to be for longer range use, while the PSG-1 is suited for shorter ranges.



  • Often, boltless Sniper Rifles with a two shot kill damage rating are referred to as "semi-automatic" rifles by players, even though most of them can only fire in automatic mode.


  • The drawing animation of the MSG-90.
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