An upgraded MP7, the MP7 Steel has been given a solid steel construction for greater reliability in combat. The MP7 Steel also offers slightly improved performance over the standard MP7.
  — The Arsenal 


The MP7 Steel is the GP Rare variant of the MP7 Sub Machine Gun. It has the same structure of the original variant, but now a majority of the parts are made from steel, like the rails and the telescoping stock. It has a two-point lower recoil, which helps controlling the weapon in continuous fire.

As with the original MP7, stick to close quarters combat and take advantage of the weapon's lowered recoil and spread to aim for headshots, especially at medium ranges where the damage falls off quite a bit



  • The arsenal image of this weapon shows that the black parts are darker than those of the original MP7


  • The drawing animation of the MP7 Steel.
  • The firing animation of the MP7 Steel.
  • The reloading animation of the MP7 Steel.
  • The sprinting animation of the MP7 Steel.