A PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) created to counter modern advances in body armor, supporting ammunition designed to penetrate through protective gear. This portable submachine gun comes equipped with a sliding butt plate and folding iron sights.
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The MP7 is a Sub Machine Gun that debuted in the 9-09-09 Patch. At first, it and its variants were only available in Supply Cases. It would be until the following mid-month patch before it would be placed in the Shop. Until that time, it was found in the Supply Case SMG along with its variant, the MP7 Steel.

The damage rating is between the MP5A4 and the K1A, being a 4 shot kill to the front and 3 shot kill in the back from close to mid range. The Portability of the weapon is the same as the UZI. It pairs a decent accuracy with a low recoil. The favored aspect of this gun is its quick reload.



  • Due to an error, when a player is holding a MP7 on their Combat Arms avatar, the gun seems to be floating in mid-air. This error has to be fixed by Nexon.
  • Looking at the gun closely, one can see that it has a switch to toggle between Full-auto, Burst Fire, and safety. There is no Burst Fire for this gun ingame, however, as it is an SMG.
  • The MP7 is more portable than the M9 knife, an uncommon trait in GP standard weapons.
  • The reload animation has a bug; the gun reloads a second after the animation ends, but this could be compensation for its extremely fast reload speed, even with the Extended Magazine II.
  • When players draw their MP7, they don't pull the charging handle. They extend the stock instead.
  • This weapon is customizable in the Gun Emporium.
  • The model depicted in game is actually the H&K MP7A1.


  • The drawing animation of the MP7.
  • The firing animation of the MP7.
  • The reloading animation of the MP7.
  • The sprinting animation of the MP7.