A fully equipped version of the MP5 family of submachine guns, with an integrated S3 Suppressor and mounted ACOG TA1 Scope.
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The MP5 MOD (originally released as the MP5 SD, but then renamed due to its lack of resemblance to the real world MP5 SD) is a NX Submachine Gun. Although it doesn't seem like it, and the stats in the arsenal don't represent it, the MP5 MOD does more damage than the MP5A4, however, most players had bought it before just to have the S3 suppressor without the Rank Requirement.

This submachine gun is highly accurate and controllable in short bursts of fire, which may be very useful for mid range combat. However, even with the scope and suppressor, it isn't that effective at long ranges, which makes it not as strong as other SMGs. The SMG also has a unique icon when used to take down an enemy (a MP5-A4 with S3 suppressor and ACOG scope attached, one of the few gun icons with all noticeable modifications on it). It sounds different than a regular MP5 with S3 Suppressor because when Nexon changed the suppressor sounds for weapons, weapons with preattached suppressors were left unchanged.

It has seen a slight rise in popularity since the last few patches due to being featured as an "Item of the week" and as the result of promotion on the forums.




  • Although the description says it has a TA1 ACOG scope, it really actually has a TA3 ACOG, making this the only one with this scope integrated onto it.
  • Strangely, when the player is carrying this submachine gun, they'll notice that the fire selector switch is on the single fire symbol, yet it's firing in fully automatic in game. This is not the case for MP5 RAS and MP5 RAS Centurion.
  • In addition, there appears to be a single fire and burst fire selection, although the in-game MP5 MOD does not have either. The MP5 RAS and MP5 RAS Centurion do however have burst-fire capabilities.


  • The draw animation of the MP5 MOD.
  • The fire animation of the MP5 MOD.
  • The scope animation of the MP5 MOD.
  • The reload animation of the MP5 MOD.
  • The sprint animation of the MP5 MOD.